Our skin and hair care products have undergone so many transformations over the decades. One of the most recent one is removal of toxic and harmful ingredients in skin care and addition of natural, vegan origin and sustainable ingredients. Similarly in Deodorant also known as body spray have undergone a lot of changes.

All of us know that Deodorant is an everyday essential because no matter how hygienic you are, sweat and humidity isn’t for everyone. Most controversial ingredients used in deodorants are alcohol and Aluminium. Both of them are well known harmful ingredients. Just in case, if you are still using an alcohol-based deodorant, let us give you couple of reasons to stop using them and making a switch immediately.

  • Dark Underarms
  • Yellow stains or white stains
  • Irritation on Skin
  • Blocks pores


Dark Underarms

Dark underarms|Saba Personal care Zero Alcohol Deodorants

People blame shaving all the time, but the fact is that alcohol-based deodorants and body spray cause discoloration in the underarms. They can cause severe dryness and because if that friction deteriorates the condition. It can also cause severe dryness and the friction makes matters worse. So, first step towards soft, smooth and light underarm is switching to Zero Alcohol deodorant.

Yellow Stains or white stains on clothes

Remember the last time you wore a dark black shirt and you sprayed your favorite deodorant and it left a big white mark. Also, when you wear a light-colored shirt, your favorite deodorant leaves a yellow stain on the underarm area.

Yellow stains | Saba Personal Care Zero Alcohol Deodorants

Most of these deodorants use Aluminium which cause yellow stains and no matter what you do, you still get these stains. So, if you love wearing your favorite Black shirt or a white T-shirt, stop using the Alcohol based deodorants.


Irritation on skin

 Armpit Rash | Saba Personal care| Alcohol Free deodorants

Deodorants with alcohol can easily and quickly irritate the skin specially people with sensitive skin. Just in case, if you spray your deodorant on Shaved or waxed underarm, other than the pain it will definitely cause uneven skin texture, redness, irritation and give you a stinging sensation. Saba Deodorants from Saba Personal care are Vegan & Halal certified & free of alcohol and offers long-lasting fragrance without causing any irritation to skin.


Blocks Pores

Regular deodorants normally have a tendency of clogging pores of your skin which makes it difficult for the body to perform the process of perspiration or detoxification on its own. Zero alcohol deodorants ensure that skin’s pores are not blocked so the body can perspire naturally without causing any harm to your skin. Switch to Zero Alcohol or No Alcohol deodorants today! 


Why choose alcohol-free Deo?

Getting rid of toxic skin care ingredients is never a bad decision. And using natural and sustainable ingredients is even a better decision. Alcohol isn’t just toxic to our body; it is also responsible for dilating our skin pores. Dilated skin pores get clogged with other toxic ingredients present in deodorants. The most common of these ingredients are phthalates, aluminium, Parabens and artificial aromatic agents. So you should try to get rid of deodorants that come with these ingredients and especially alcohol.

Why Saba deos are the best alcohol-free deodorant?

Saba brings you the most powerful deodorants that don’t frizzle away in a few moments! What’s the secret? This quality comes from not using alcohol and aluminium as a base. Saba perfumes don’t leave stains on your clothes, unlike other alcohol+aluminium-based perfumes that leave spots spoiling your favourite clothing. Saba Deodorants are non-sticky and they dry quickly. Our perfumes are vegan, animal cruelty-free and dermatologist-tested. We take special care to keep aluminium, alcohol, parabens, phthalates or talc away from our perfume.