Saba Breathable Halal & Vegan Wudhu Friendly Nail Polish

Saba Breathable Halal & Vegan Wudhu Friendly Nail Polish

Saba Breathable Halal & Vegan Wudhu Friendly Nail Polish

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Product description:
Saba Breathable Nail Polish ! They look great on all skin tones and all undertones.  

Its unique French formula and special molecular structure make its air and water permeable, which means it allows both oxygen and moisture to reach your nails keeping them hydrated, fresh and beautiful. Feel unstoppable, unforgettable and undefeated each time you pamper your nails with these brilliant Shades! 

About the formula:
Say goodbye to weak, brittle and stained nails! Saba’s breathable nail polishes are specially formulated to allow water and oxygen particles to pass through the polish and reach your nails.

This helps to keep your nails staying hydrated and strong!


Say Au Revoir to your fragile, dry, and discolored nails! You can now buy nail polish from Saba Beauty and Personal Care that "breathes." Yes, you heard that right! It's the nail polish that your nails deserve, breathable nail polish halal. Our product is incorporated with the cutting-edge formula employed in the production of contact lenses that allows oxygen and water vapor to penetrate, better oxygenating the nails and enhancing their condition!

Why Saba’s Breathable Nail Polish?

  • Sophisticated oxygen technology was used in the formulation, and it is permeable to air and water vapor.
  • Gloss-enhancing polymers have been added to provide long-lasting wear.
  • Non-toxic & 10-free from these common harmful chemicals found in most nail polishes. No formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin, camphor, xylene, parabens, acetone, TPHP, TBHP, gluten.
  • Cruelty-free and vegan.

Pollution, stress, and seasonal changes interfere with the normal nail growth cycle. Creatine, one of the primary components of nails, is ten times more porous than skin and requires oxygen-rich air to function properly. A healthy nail's ability to grow depends on its steady chemical makeup. Traditional coatings have a dense composition that interferes with the nail's ability to "breathe," therefore Saba employed a "permeable polymer" to improve oxygen flow. To offer the nail plate a beautiful finish and comfort, Saba is offering you the best breathable nail polish.

Benefits of using Saba Breathable Nail Polish:

Healthier Nails:

You may not be aware, but nails are oily. Yes, the natural oils in your nails truly keep them "hydrated." They remain flexible and healthy because of it. These fluids can be trapped by conventional polish, which weakens the nails. Breathable nail lacquer permits the normal flow of oil through the nail and subsequently off of it. This ensures that your nails remain nicely moisturized without being excessively fragile or delicate.

Manicures For Days:

While we're on the subject of oils, a buildup of oil on your nails prevents nail paint from adhering to them. Additionally, you get chipping when your nail paint doesn't stick. Many of them, moving too swiftly. A manicure with breathable polish is more durable and lasts longer. Kester Black nail paint maintains its shine for around 5-7 days before peeling. In addition to this, we advise using a breathable base coat and a nail wash before applying your polish. Who doesn't enjoy a long-lasting manicure?

Breath Easy Between Looks:

Our best quality and yet cheap breathable nail polish makes a perfect gradient coat if you want to give your nails a little break in between applications but yet want to keep them strong and long.

Quick Dry Time:

It turns out that the dry time is significantly shortened if air can pass through your nail paint. Crazy, huh? less waiting time. Less time for smudges to occur as a result of being impatient. If you are using a fast dry spray, it can completely eliminate the need for a second product and step in your process.

Easy Application:

Have we mentioned how simple the application is? Well, don’t miss your chance to buy breathable nail polish from Saba because with quick dry time, now the application is easier than ever. Apply the first coat and with our quick dry formula, you don’t have to wait for long to give your nails another coat that totally brings out the elegant look you deserve!

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MRP (Each unit Incl of all taxes) : Rs. 299/-

USE BEFORE: 36 months from Mfg. Date



Why Us?

With the mantra transforming your beauty regimen, Saba aims to inspire personal growth, share joy, and infuse wellness into everyone's life. Saba is well known for its therapeutic approach to beauty and skincare solutions. With our nail polish infused with halal and vegan ingredients, you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals that result in long-term side effects!

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