Saba Afrin Perfumed Body spray Deodorant - Long lasting Fragrance - Alcohol Free

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Saba Afrin Perfumed Body spray Deodorant - Long lasting Fragrance - Alcohol Free

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  • Saba Afrin: Saba means Youthfulness and Afrin means Lucky. It is a deodorant which makes you feel fresh throughout the day and made to make you feel beautiful.
  • NO Paraben, NO Alcohol, NO Irritation Causing Material & NO animal derived products
  • India’s first international brand which is certified Zero Alcohol Body Spray
  • Complete safety for your skin, dermatologically tested
  • Long lasting fragrance which makes you feel fresh all day


A Breeze of Fresh Air filled with an Endless Charm

When it comes to scents, there are fragrances that can make you feel beautiful, and then there are fragrances that make you feel blessed. Saba Afrin is a mix of both – an enchanting mix of fragrances that make you feel beautiful and uplift your soul with its lucky charm. It encompasses an eclectic mix of olfactory elements that combine together to enrapture your surroundings. When you first spray the body spray, you would be greeted by its fresh floral top notes. A mix of fragrances of gardenia flower and rose petals brings immediate attention to you.


A Great Scent to make you Standout in Evenings

Saba Afrin is a really great choice for evening outings and parties. Its heart notes include an enthralling mix of jasmine, neorli scents combined with whiffs of orange blossom and lily. The end result is an attractive fragrance that draws attention to you in all its earthy floral zest.  As the evening wears off, it's long enduring base notes come into the picture. A musky woody scent improvised by whiffs of sandalwood and vetiver stays with you throughout the night.


Long Lasting Fragrance that is Pleasant on your Skin

Saba Afrin is a completely alcohol-free product that is designed to be pleasant on your skin. The 100 percent halal certified product is free of chemical irritants and does not cause any skin rashes. Saba Afrin has three times more perfume than a typical alcohol-laden deodorant. Its warm amber infused base scents give you 24-hour fragrance and keep you feeling fresh.  

How to Use:

1) Shake Can before use

2) Hold the Can upright and spray directly on the underarm and neck at a distance of 15 cm.

3) Avoid contact with Eyes, Nose, Mouth, broken or irritated skin. 

And you are done. Now, enjoy your day with pleasantness of Saba Afrin! 



68, Circular Road, #02-01, SINGAPORE 049422


Innovative Consumer Products Private Limited

204, Aggarwal Chamber, Plot no.6,  CD Block, Pitampura , New Delhi 110034, INDIA


Primacy Industries Limited

Plot no. 7D, Baikampady Ind. Area, Mangaluru-575011, India

MFG.LIC.NO.: M.KTK/32/309/2017

NET CONTENT: 150 ml / 90 g

MRP (Incl of all taxes) : Rs. 249/-

USE BEFORE: 36 months from Mfg. Date



What are the notes of Saba Afrin halal perfumes?

Saba Afrin comes with the top notes of Gardenia flowers and rose petals that blow on your senses when you first apply it. The heart notes that create an aromatic bubble around you for the next 5-6 hours comes with the essence of jasmine, neorli scents combined with whiffs of orange blossom and lily. The base notes that linger around for a long time on and around you are of musky woody scent improvised by whiffs of sandalwood and vetiver stays with you throughout the night.

Is Saba Afrin long lasting?

Saba Afrin is long lasting as it doesn’t contain alcohol. Alcohol is known to be extremely volatile that takes away most of the perfume molecules with it. Saba NON-ALCOHOLIC perfumes stay long while creating an aroma bubble around you.

How to buy the purest halal perfume online?

You can trust Saba’s perfumery as we are purely halal based brand. Yet, if you want to check other brands then carefully look for halal certifications.

Why Saba Afrin is the best halal perfume in India?

Saba Afrin is completely natural, free of harsh chemicals and completely based on the principles of the herbal traditions of the Middle East and India. It doesn’t contain any najis ingredients. 

Why alcohol-free perfumes are the best for use?

Alcohol-free deodorants don’t evaporate quickly as alcohol-free deodorants don’t come with volatile alcohol as an ingredient. Alcohol-free perfumes last long on your body. Our alcohol-free deodorants are aluminum-free as well. Aluminum in high doses causes problems for the lungs and the rest of the body. Our deodorants are gentle on your skin.

Why choose Saba alcohol-free body spray over others?

Our perfumes have the good of both worlds! They are as natural as attars and as convenient as perfumes. We have carefully handpicked the scents that please the people around. Moreover, our Perfumes have never been tested on poor animals. They are completely halal. Our perfumes have been made under strict compliance with Halal principles, they do not contain any najis material and most importantly, they are halal certified. So you can use our Halal products without any worry.

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