Saba Filza Perfumed Body spray Deodorant - Long Lasting Fragrance - Alcohol Free

Saba Filza Perfumed Body spray Deodorant - Long Lasting Fragrance - Alcohol Free

Saba Filza Perfumed Body spray Deodorant - Long Lasting Fragrance - Alcohol Free

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  • Saba Filza: Saba means Youthfulness and Filza means Rose from heaven. It is a deodorant which makes you feel fresh throughout the day. Highly recommended for those who like mild floral fragrances.
  • NO Paraben, NO Alcohol, NO Irritation Causing Material & NO animal derived products
  • India’s first international brand which is certified Zero Alcohol Body Spray
  • Complete safety for your skin, dermatologically tested
  • Long lasting fragrance which makes you feel fresh all day


A Timeless Essence of Rose from Heaven

Saba Filza offers you an enchanting floral scent that can lift your senses with its youthful energy. Its rich sensory allure can only be experienced and is difficult to put into words. When it comes to scents, the rose has been a classic favorite from time immemorial. For eons, the scent of rose has been associated with ethereal beauty and was considered as an epitome of divine femininity. With Saba Filza you get that pristine scent of freshness in a body spray that you can use any time and in any weather.


A Youthful Scent brimming with Happiness

This scintillating rose scent is bound to make a big impression on people around you. Its base notes carry an effervescent emotion of youth sprinkled with happiness. It is widely believed that the scent of rose can bring positivity into one’s life. Saba Filza attempts to bring that freshness into your daily life with its engrossing floral charm which lasts for a full day. It imbibes the breezy air of happiness into your day to day life and makes you feel blissful. 

The composition of Saba Filza has been done with precise thought. The top notes portray a fresh juicy vibe owing to mix of citrus and magnolia. The heart notes rely heavily on rose peppered by whips of Jasmine and lily.  While the base note complements the overall ambience by introducing a mix of musk and ambergris elements.  


Gentle on Skin and Safe for Regular Use

The deodorant has been designed to be gentle on your skin. It is completely devoid of any animal-derived products and is a hundred percent halal certified. It also is free of alcohol which saves you from skin irritation and skin rashes that typical alcohol-laden deodorants tend to cause. Free from parabens and other harmful chemicals, Saba Filza can be safely used regularly. In fact, it comes with three times the normal perfume than a regular run of the mill deodorant and its scent will linger on for 24 hours with ease. 


How to Use:

1) Shake Can before use

2) Hold the Can upright and spray directly on the underarm and neck at a distance of 15 cm.

3) Avoid contact with Eyes, Nose, Mouth, broken or irritated skin. 

And you are done. Now, enjoy your day with pleasantness of Saba Filza! 




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Innovative Consumer Products Private Limited

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Primacy Industries Limited

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MFG.LIC.NO.: M.KTK/32/309/2017

NET CONTENT: 150 ml / 90 g

MRP (Incl of all taxes) : Rs. 249/-

USE BEFORE: 36 months from Mfg. Date



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