Why should you only use Alcohol free deodorants

While shopping for deodorants, you must have seen the importance of alcohol in the perfume business. Almost every ingredient list at the back of deodorant bottles features the addition of some form of alcohol in big bold letters. While that must have become the new normal, the detriments of alcohol in deodorants gradually come under the glaring scrutiny of its regular users. The ill effects surpass the handful of benefits it might have, by a wide margin. Alcohol was considered a viable choice of ingredient in the perfume industry for the past few decades, owing to its ability to diminish the bacteria which is responsible for what we have always known as bad odor. Moreover, the use of alcohol helps the deodorant to dry up faster than it normally would have. However, stepping beyond these unavoidable benefits, there are innumerable drawbacks of adding alcohol in perfumes and deodorants.

Alcohol can clog your pores

Our body has a natural tendency to detoxify our pores, so as to get rid of the dirt and oil that get accumulated due to the humidity in the air. Alcohol weakens the natural process of cleansing by clogging the pores, thus often resulting in blackhead formations. It is imperative to let our body perspire naturally, for it ensures detoxification and keeps our body temperature in check. Hence, alcohol is a poor choice if you are looking to maintain proper hygiene.

Deodorants with alcohol may cause skin rashes and irritation

Many of us have been privy to the frequent occurrence of skin rashes, redness or irritation after applying deodorants which can be traced back to the presence of alcohol in the perfumes. The chemical composition of alcohol is not meant to suit the outer layer of our skin for longer periods. As soon as a deodorant with alcohol comes in contact with sensitive skin or shaved/waxed skin, you would often feel a burning sensation accompanied by bumps, red uneven skin texture and a feeling of irritability and discomfort, in general. Therefore, it is always a better choice to steer clear from alcohol-based deodorants and select a more naturally produced alternative.

Alcohol based deodorants can cause skin darkening

Haven’t we all, at one point or another, faced the frustrating yellow patches that ruin our favorite clothes every time we apply deodorant and go out? You can blame those on the chemical composition as well. The two main ingredients of deodorants are alcohol and aluminum. The latter is responsible for the discoloration of clothes which requires herculean effort to get rid of, and yet sometimes they are meant to stay for good.

An issue that has ailed many women and still continues to do so is the darkening of the underarm area. While we have been led astray by companies telling us to blame shaving as the culprit, the real culprit might have always been our deodorants. Yet again, alcohol’s drawbacks come under the microscope as they have been known to cause darkening of the underarm skin.

Always opt for alcohol free deodorants 

While the importance of alcohol in deodorants is irrefutable, the detriments are quite a handful. Does this mean you should stay away from scents? Never! On the contrary, choosing deodorants wisely is all it takes to get rid of the drawbacks brought about by the chemical compounds of alcohol. Therefore, be a wise judge of the deodorant you call your own and you shall enjoy the benefits without any of the added hassle. In case you are looking for an alcohol free deodorant, try out Saba Filza which offers long lasting fragrance while being easy on your skin.