Alcohol-Free Halal Deodorant is the Best Choice for Everyone

Although fragrances give a powerful sensory experience but that must not come at the cost of wellbeing. Regular perfumes contain alcohol which should be avoided as they harm you in various ways. We will tell you why you should replace alcohol-based deodorants with non-alcoholic ones.

Perfumes without alcohol last longer &stay longer with you

Longevity and Sillage are important properties of perfume. While alcohol helps to widen the sillage of perfume by leaving a trail behind you, it shortens the lasting effect of perfume. Alcohol is a volatile liquid that evaporates at a faster rate carrying the molecules of base fragrance with it. Non-Alcoholic perfumes like halal non-Alcoholic deodorants and perfumes contain the fragrance only. They don’t contain alcohol. While some people may like a bold projection of alcoholic perfume but non-alcoholic perfume give decent projection too. The projection is mainly around the body and people get to smell it when they approach you. The best thing about non-alcoholic perfumes is that they last longer than any other gas-based or alcohol-based perfume as they lack volatility. You will be able to smell your favourite perfume days after the initial application on your dresses.


Alcoholic deodorants& anti-perspirants can cause skin darkening

If you have been using alcohol-based perfumes, deodorants and anti-perspirants, you must have noticed that they leave dark tint on your armpit. This is because of the presence of alcohol in the product. Alcohol-based perfumes are a concoction of various chemicals that trigger inflammation of skin cells. It works like a signal to our melanocytes. Our body starts blurting out melanocytes in the spots where the alcohol concoction touches our skin. The darkening of armpits also has another reason. The application of alcohol dilates the pores of our skin temporarily. The darker appearance is because of clogging of dirt and grease in our armpit.

Leaves yellow stains on your beautiful white clothes

Alcohol discolours your white fabric at molecular level. Perfumes not only contain alcohol, they also contain other chemicals that stay on clothes after the alcohol is evaporated. Only in the case of alcohol based perfumes they stay back as stains as alcohol takes much less time to evaporate, even lesser than the time taken by the perfume particles to spread evenly by friction. This leaves the concentrated mark of these perfume particles on your clothes. Coloured clothes get discoloured too. The alcohol present in the perfume reacts with the dye and alters their structure.

Alcohol based creams and perfumes can clog your pores

Alcohol dilates the pores of the skin temporarily and helps the skin product seep into the skin pores for better results. But in this attempt, the skin product lodges into the pores. This process reduces the body’s own ability to remove the toxin out of the body. In short term, it might show up as mild irritation and burning sensation, but the long-term effects of alcohol on the skin can lead to persistent rashes and recurring acne. A clogged pore also reduces the body’s capacity to perspire. Body creams with alcohol contents must be avoided for wide application on the skin might clog multiple pores resulting in an acne outbreak.

Halal deodorants and perfumes are alcohol-free. They don’t harm your skin like regular perfumes and deodorants. If you want to try halal deodorants or you want to gift them to anyone then you should try the deodorants by Sabapersonal care as they are based on the principles based on Quran and Hadith. These perfumes don’t include anything harmful, najis or banned in Islamic texts. You can try other Saba Personal care products too.