Does your Deodorant contain Toxic ingredients like Parabens or Animal derived ingredients – Know More

When it comes to beauty products one needs to be a discerning customer. In case you tend to choose beauty products without doing adequate research you may end up buying substandard products or stuff that are laden with harmful chemicals. In some cases, you may be buying products that contain animal ingredients. Such products are essentially derived from animals and are not suited for vegans or if you insist on using halal products only.  Further in the case of some high-end perfumes animals such as beavers and musk deer often get killed for deriving exotic scents. So it’s very critical that you read the packaging of the product before making a purchase. In this article, we look to offer you some helpful ideas to steer clear of products that contain unsavory elements.



Alcohol-Based Deodorants can Harm your Skin

In the case of body sprays and deodorants, the use of alcohol has been a common practice for a long time. While it may not immediately cause a reaction, alcohol-laden deodorants can cause significant damage to your skin over time. At the very outset, your skin can get dried up due to repeated usage and the natural pH levels of your skin would get affected. Alcohol is also known to cause skin irritation in many individuals. Some people even claim that continued use of alcohol-based deodorants can increase your chances of getting cancer. While this may or may not be true; to be on the safer side, it is better to completely avoid alcohol-based deodorants.

Alcohol based deos - dark underarms 


Make sure your favorite Deodorant Does Not Contain Harmful Ingredients

Irrespective of whether you are using a beauty brand for years, it does no harm to check the packaging of their products. Especially when it comes to deodorants, one needs to ensure that the product she is using is free from harmful chemicals. Read the packaging carefully and ensure the product is free from parabens. In recent years there has been a lot of credible research that clearly pointed out links between parabens and certain forms of cancers. It is absolutely critical to strictly avoid any product that contains parabens to avoid associated health risks like allergic reactions or possible adverse effects on natural hormones.

 Use skin friendly products


Choose Deodorants that are Completely Free of Alcohol and Animal Derived Ingredients

Given the myriad disadvantages of choosing scents and deodorants which are laden with alcohol or are derived from an animal source, it is always prudent to stick to safe products. In the case of deodorants, we can proudly recommend products from Saba Personal Care. If you are looking for a rose-scented effervescent deodorant then Saba Filza would be an apt choice. It is totally bereft of alcohol and is also Halal certified. Since it does not include alcohol, it saves you from common skin-related hassles like dryness and possible rashes which typical deodorants may cause. This exquisite scent also finds many takers for the fact that it is completely vegan and does not include any animal-based ingredients.