You Need To Know These 4 Halal Cosmetics Brands in India!

Halal skin care products are something that should be accessible to every Muslim. But there aren’t many brands that make real halal products. Here are some of the brands that are available in India and are 100% Halal certified. You can use them without worrying much.

Tuesday in love

It is rightly said that behind the success of every man there’s a woman. Here’s a sweet story of the owner of Tuesday in Love. From a struggling medical student to the owner of a successful halal cosmetic brand, Umar Dar started this venture after he invented a halal water-permeable nail polish for his beloved wife. He remembers the day when they had to walk past a designer halal cosmetics store without buying the nail polish that caught his wife’s eyes. They didn’t have enough money to afford a month’s groceries, let alone spend money on something as expensive as nail paint. That incident triggered his interest in cosmetics and especially halal nail polish. The newfound interest was enough to keep Umar busy for weeks after which he developed water-permeable nail polish for his beloved wife Farah. The day was Tuesday and so goes the name - Tuesday in love. Together they later expanded their product line towards other halal cosmetic products.

Saba Personal Care

Saba personal care is another affordable halal cosmetic brand and this is from India. India has a long tradition of living in harmony with nature and so this brand incorporated this quality into itself. Created with vegan Indian ingredients, Saba makes its products in compliance with Halal principles.Saba’sskincare products are handcrafted with the wealth of knowledge contained in Indian and Middle Eastern herbal traditions. Their skin care products are not merely natural but also pure, vegan and free of najis. It is manufactured in strict compliance with Quran and Hadith. You can check the wide range of skincare products that Saba offers. You can try Saba’s personal care products with confidence.

786 Cosmetics

Started in 2017, this brand started addressing the gap in the prevailing cosmetics world where not many options were available for Muslim women. Ibrahim the CEO of this brand started with breathable nail polish and slowly expanded towards other cosmetic products. He started making efforts towards developing right formula that could give users a chance to use high quality nail paint and fulfil Islamic requirements. Iqra the cofounder of this brand had equal contribution as she developed the shades of nail paints based on the themes of the best cities she had visited.

Inika Organic

One of the oldest recipients on the list of our halal brands, Inika Organics was started in 2006. From the inception their focus was around creating cleaner beauty products that were organic, free from toxic adulterants and pure. This brand is committed to its Certified Cruelty-Free, Organic, Halal and Vegan values. They want you to question brands about what they put into your skin care products and they take care of the fact that their skin care products specify all the ingredients.

Earlier Halal brands were quite inaccessible to the common mass but slowly some entrepreneurs are coming forward to make it accessible. These brands make the most sophisticated halal cosmetics that launch cosmetics, skin care products and halal nail polish.