The top halal cosmetics from Saba you must add to your collection today

Magic happens when you find a product line you just love. This happens to me with Saba Personal Care products. I discovered these products about one year ago and instantly became a fan with the quality and uncompromising results after using their products.

From 2021 this brand is making hundred percent halal certified products according to the islamic principles and make them accessible for muslim women. Since then I have been using many of Saba skincare products regularly and they are all amazing.

Now let's talk about why the word Halal in skin care stands for? Halal is an Arabic term that indicates its purity and the manufacturing must be verifiable. They are manufacturing products that are non-toxic with no harmful chemicals and free from animal byproducts. So that Muslim religians would therefore consider them to be pure enough to use on their body.

In case we must be aware that some of our renowned beauty brands are using harsh chemicals that are gradually damaging the skin cells. Leaving marks and blemishes.

These Halal certified products are using pure vegan ingredients that are organic rather than components like animal byproduct, alcoholic beverages and toxic chemicals.

Hence Saba skincare products are handcrafted with the wealth of knowledge contained in Indian and Middle Eastern herbal traditional practices.

Let's take a quick look at what halal certification standards are. As we discussed earlier, Halal products denote their unmatched quality and supreme purity under the highlighted rules of muslim religions. So that muslim population can use these products confidently. As per the holy Quran, the halal skin care products maintain their clearness while choosing the ingredients for production and packaging, all under strict supervision,and do no harm to animals in order to pass the halal certification.

Here are some components that are prohibited in making a halal product.

These are Collagen, Keratin, Oleic acid, Amino acid, Ethanol, Glycerine, Carmine etc.

These components are considered as Haram so they are forbidden in making a halal product as they come from animals or animal byproducts or containing alcoholic beverages.

So instead of using these chemicals a halal brands are endeavoring to use natural components like honey and snail mucus in their products. But not necessarily all vegan products are halal. So the brand keeps maintaining their eligibility to produce some hundred percent halal certified products.

Now take a look at the good sides of using halal certified skincare products,

Halal cosmetic products are becoming increasingly popular among non muslims too. If you are a person who cares about the product's quality, ingredients and the results then you should consider these halal products undoubtedly  the best choice for yourself.

As these products are entirely non toxic, non chemical and hundred percent organic, so it causes no harm to your skin over long term usage.

Saba personal care products is spreading its wings in India over online marketing, so it is high time we do a post on some must buy products from the brand.

Let’s see what all you must pick from Saba personal care products:

1.Saba Natural Turmeric & Almond Daily Moisturizing Facewash and Saba Natural Neem Soap Free Facewash: are made with the natural extracts of Turmeric, Almonds and Neem with the goodness of vitamin C, Aloevera,Salicylic Acid that works miraculously on your face. With regular uses all the impurities of your skin noticeably vanish and leave a soft healthy glow on your face. They are soap free and help to reverse the damages of your skin and give you confidence to appear in front of a public with no hesitation.

2.Saba Natural & Pure Aloe Vera Gel for face, hair and skin: is another product that can be used on both hair and skin. The pure aloe vera extracts will help to reduce skin blistering and itchiness of your skin. It can also lessen the stretch marks due to pregnancy or weight gain or loss. It works as a protective shield of a moisturizing layer on your skin and hair by the help of antioxidants and various nutritional ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin E and Beta Carotene, which stimulates the growth of new cells and gives you healthy benefits. Its healing properties are on point.

3.Saba Natural Walnut Scrub: exfoliates the dead skin cells and impurities parallelly revitalizes the skin.

The walnut extracts gives you a smooth and healthy skin and keeps black heads and white heads away. Discover the beautiful skin after every single use.

4.Saba perfumed body spray deodorants: are the best choice for those who want a paraben,alcohol and irritation free deodorant. Saba perfumed body spray is gentle on your skin and its long lasting fragrance keeps you going throughout the day. With so many varieties of perfumes you might be confused about which one to pick. But believe me,all variants are great,long lasting and moreover refresh your senses.They are dermatologically tested and safe for regular usage.

5.Saba Breathable Halal & Vegan Wudhu Friendly Nail Polish: is a unique product itself.

The formulations of these nail polishes allow moisture and oxygen to reach to your nails and keep them hydrated, fresh and beautiful. They come with a large variety of shades that define your mood, personality and skin tone as well. With no harmful chemicals, treat your nails with these nail polishes and leave a mark on the world around you.

Lastly a halal defines a way of life that one gets the benefits of both physically and spiritually.

It's for everyone whether they are Muslims or not.

Someone who cares about the purity and safety of a product should go for Saba halal certified personal and skin care products. It gives you confidence and makes you beautiful over time with its guaranteed superior quality.

So my beauties, go get obsessed with the wide range of Saba personal care products. If you want more details about our halal products, please feel free to contact us on our toll free number or you can simply write us about your queries on our official email address.

Happy shopping.Take care.


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