Saba Facewash Halal & Vegan certified Skin care


Saba halal skincare products

Saba Skincare products are all-natural nontoxic 100% halal skincare products. Our skincare products come with zero alcohol, zero parabens and absolutely no najis ingredients. Saba skincare products are Halal Certified. We make our skincare products under the best manufacturing practices with no unfair labour, no hazardous material and zero animal testing. These skincare products are certified halal products with 100% halal compliance based on Hadith and Quran.If you are Vegan, then you can use our products without worry.

Our philosophy behind making the best halal skincare products

We believe that God accepts our sincere intentions to live by his principles. Living in compliance with Halal principles is a way of life. Like behaviour, habits and activities, Halal extends to personal care products too. Saba’s skincare products are handcrafted with the wealth of knowledge contained in Indian and Middle Eastern herbal traditions. Our skincare products are not merely natural but also pure, vegan and free of najis. It is manufactured in strict compliance to Quran and Hadith.

What makes Saba halal skincare products the best halal products?

Saba Halal care products are purely natural, free of najis ingredients perfectly halal products. We add no harsh chemicals in our products that keep our skin care products skin friendly. Made with the knowledge of Indian and Middle Eastern remedies, our products stand out in the crowd of corrosive chemical based products. Stay away from synthetic chemicals and choose Saba for a better life.

Do Saba skin care products contain paraben?

Parabens cause cancer; they stunt the growth of foetus and cause reproductive failures when used in long run. At Saba we understand the concern that paraben added products cause you. So we have ensured that our skin care products contain absolutely no paraben. Saba skin care products don’t contain any harmful chemicals.

Does Saba Neem face wash work on oily skin?

We know the problems that come with oily skin. We understand the recurring acne breakouts are causing you discomfort. That’s why we have made Saba neem face wash that works on every skin type. It also works on oily skin.